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Research lines 

Understanding the role of cellular heterogeneity on tissue function

Cellular heterogeneity and disease susceptibility

We investigate how cellular heterogeneity affects tissue function and whether

cell-to-cell variability increases disease susceptibility.

Accelerated ageing

It has been shown that life style, dietary interventions and chronic diseases accelerate the ageing phenotype. We aim to dissect the molecular signatures that are associated with accelerated ageing under different conditions.

Ageing and Epigenetics

To further understand the precise molecular mechanisms leading to cellular heterogeneity, we investigate the upstream epigenetic landscape of individual cells using single-cell multiomic approaches.

Ageing "in vitro"

On one hand, ageing in humans is difficult to study with many cofounding factors along their lifespan. On the other hand, model organisms do not fully recapitulate the phenotypes associated to human diseases. We aim to develop 3D-organoids that recapitulate molecular features of ageing to establish functional assays, and assess anti-ageing therapeutic interventions.

Studying complex biological processes at high resolution

Ageing is characterised by the progressive decline of physiological and cellular functions. However, ageing is a heterogeneous process between and within  organs, tissues and cells. 

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