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Our history

We value, promote, and respect diversity. We came from all over the World to study ageing and dissecting one cell at a time. Multicultural, international, and rich in personalities working together and enjoying the beautiful city.


The whole greater than the sum of the parts

Multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary team. Experimentalists and computational scientists building highly efficient alliances to accelerate research discoveries. Sharing knowledge and expertise. Growing together.


Our team


09 2022 - 12 2022. Dr. Lola Llobat (University CEU, Valencia, Spain). Awarded with Jose Castillejo Fellowship from Spanish Central Government

03 2019 - 06 2022. Ms. Eva Sanchez. PhD student.

04 2019 - 04 2022. Ms. Maria Richter. PhD sudent

09 2021 - 01 2022. Ms. Carla Peiro (University of Valencia). Awarded with a Erasmus + fellowship.

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