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Polyploidisation pleiotropically buffers ageing in hepatocytes

K Yin, M Büttner, IK Deligiannis, M Strzelecki, L Zhang, C Talavera-Lopez, F Theis, DT Odom, CP Martinez-Jimenez. Journal of Hepatology, 2024




Single-cell metabolic profiling reveals subgroups of primary human hepatocytes with heterogeneous responses to drug challenge

E Sanchez-Quant, ML Richter,… CP Martinez-Jimenez.  Genome Biology, 2023, 24 (1), 234

Multi-omics and 3D-imaging reveal bone heterogeneity and unique calvaria cells in neuroinflammation

Zeynep Ilgin Kolabas, Louis B. Kuemmerle, Robert Perneczky, Benjamin Förstera, ... Ioannis K. Deligiannis, Celia P. Martinez-Jimenez..., Ali Erturk. Cell 2023, 186 (17), 3706-3725. e29 

Spatial transcriptomics using multiplexed deterministic barcoding in tissue

J Wirth, N Compera, K Yin, S Brood, S Chang, CP Martinez-Jimenez*, M. Meier*.

Nature Communications 2023, 14 (1), 1523

High-calorie diets uncouple hypothalamic oxytocin neurons from a gut-to-brain satiation pathway via κ-opioid signaling

T Gruber, F Lechner, C Murat,..., CP Martinez-Jimenez, MH Tschoep, V Grinevich, C Garcia-Caceres.

Cell Reports 2023, 42 (10)

Interleukin 6 and interferon gamma haplotypes are related to cytokine serum levels in dogs in an endemic Leishmania infantum region

Luis Álvarez, Pablo-Jesús Marín-García, Pilar Rentero-Garrido, Celia Pilar Martinez-Jimenez, Lola Llobat.

Infectious Diseases of Poverty 2023, 12 (01), 62-70



Coupling of oxytocin and cholecystokinin pathways in the hypothalamus is required for gut-to-brain homeostatic feeding control

T Gruber, F Lechner, C Murat,..., CP Martinez-Jimenez, MH Tschoep, V Grinevich, C Garcia-Caceres.

bioRxiv, 2022.07. 20.500778


Isolation of Nuclei from Flash-frozen Liver Tissue for Single-cell Multiomics.

M Strzelecki, K Yin, C Talavera-López, CP Martinez-Jimenez.

Journal of Visualized Experiments: Jove,  2022, e64792

Hepatocyte-specific activity of TSC22D4 triggers progressive NAFLD by impairing mitochondrial function

G Wolff, M Sakurai, A Mhamane, M Troullinaki, A Maida, IK Deligiannis, ..., S. Herzig.

Molecular Metabolism 2022, 60, 101487

Senescence-induced endothelial phenotypes underpin immune-mediated senescence surveillance

K Yin, D Patten, S Gough, S de Barros Gonçalves, A Chan, I Olan, ..., M. Hoare.

Genes & Development 36 (9-10), 533-549

Spatial Transcriptomics Using Multiplexed Deterministic Barcoding in Tissue

J Wirth, N Compera, K Yin, S Brood, S Chang, CP Martinez-Jimenez, M. Meier.


Multi-omics profiling identifies molecular signatures of acute-on-chronic liver failure in Abcb4KO mice upon chemical intoxication

P Erdoesi, M Buettner, M Meyer-Bender, R Kamies, IK Deligiannis, ..., S. Hammad.

Zeitschrift für Gastroenterologie 60 (01), P 1.21


Single-nucleus RNA-seq2 reveals functional crosstalk between liver zonation and ploidy

ML Richter, IK Deligiannis, K Yin, A Danese, E Lleshi, P Coupland, ... CP. Martinez-Jimenez.

Nature communications 12 (1), 1-16


Advances of single-cell genomics and epigenomics in human disease: where are we now?

R Kamies, CP Martinez-Jimenez

Mammalian Genome 31 (5), 170-180


IL‐7‐dependent compositional changes within the γδ T cell pool in lymph nodes during ageing lead to an unbalanced anti‐tumour response

HC Chen, N Eling, CP Martinez‐Jimenez, LMN O'Brien, V Carbonaro, ..., M. de la Roche.

EMBO reports 20 (8), e47379

Staged developmental mapping and X chromosome transcriptional dynamics during mouse spermatogenesis

C Ernst, N Eling, CP Martinez-Jimenez, JC Marioni, DT Odom

Nature communications 10 (1), 1-20


Aging increases cell-to-cell transcriptional variability upon immune stimulation

CP Martinez-Jimenez, N Eling, HC Chen, CA Vallejos, AA Kolodziejczyk, ... DT Odom.

Science 355 (6332), 1433-1436

Inactivation of the nuclear orphan receptor COUP-TFII by small chemicals

R Le Guével, F Oger, CP Martinez-Jimenez, M Bizot, C Gheeraert, ..., G. Salbert.

ACS chemical biology 12 (3), 654-663


The mechanisms shaping the single-cell transcriptional landscape

CP Martinez-Jimenez, DT Odom

Current Opinion in Genetics & Development 37, 27-35


Epigenetic crosstalk: a molecular language in human metabolic disorders

CP Martinez-Jimenez, J Sandoval

Frontiers in Bioscience-Scholar 7 (1), 46-57

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